Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who's reading us online ... in Massachusetts?

I thought you might be interested in who’s accessing our site.
Data from last week, May 13 to May 19, shows the following number of unique visitors and the percentage they represent of overall visitors. Clearly, SLO readers are in the lead.
If you know why we’re so popular in Massachusetts, please post a comment on this blog – and help us understand. We’ve seen this pattern now for several weeks.

1. San Luis Obispo (California, United States) 14,874 24.9%
2. Atascadero (California, United States) 2,232 3.7%
3. Los Angeles (California, United States) 2,121 3.5%
4. Grover Beach (California, United States) 1,874 3.1%
5. Lincoln (Massachusetts, United States) 1,721 2.9%
6. Waltham (Massachusetts, United States) 1,630 2.7%
7. Boston (Massachusetts, United States) 1,607 2.7%
8. San Jose (California, United States) 1,390 2.3%
9. San Francisco (California, United States) 1,299 2.2%
10. Morro Bay (California, United States) 1,285 2.2%

-- Sandy Duerr


Elizabeth said...

All I can say is that my husband and I moved to Boulder, CO four years ago, and then we relocated to Boise, ID for his job. I faithfully checked your website every day, because no matter where we lived, SLO was/is "home".

We recently returned to CA (San Jose area),just because we missed the quality of life here. Great experience living in other places, but you'll never match the weather and overall good life you can lead back home.

Brian said...

From Massachusetts - My wife & I are California natives and Poly grads and are looking to return/retire to SLO in the next couple of years.