Friday, December 7, 2007

Reader likes coverage of cancer center closure

"Your reporters Sarah Arnquist and Stephan Curran have earned my respect in their investigative efforts concerning the Luxory house raffle by Mee Memorial. After reading the King City Rustler articles on the problems at Mee I am certain they are merely at the tip of the iceberg. I am anticipating new developments and am very proud to have this caliber of reporting available on a local level."
-- Craig Hayes

Thanks for the online feedback, Mr. Hayes. I too feel our teamwork on the Mee Memorial cancer center story this week has been terrific. Sarah and Stephen have clearly explained the complexities of the financial failures and captured the human reaction of Mee employees finding out, to their shock, that their jobs did not exist anymore.
_ Tad Weber

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the headline "Luxury House Raffle Lost Money" reveals a fundamental lack of understanding of basic economics by the Tribune.

As an online commentor on this article has noted, the raffle in fact made over a $500,000 profit.

If the Tribune staff are unable to discern between a loss of money and a liquidity issue, why should we expect you to get any of the other facts right?