Monday, March 17, 2008

Thanks for Tribune's series on poverty

Thank you for running the series on poverty in our county. It’s certainly something that needs to be shown to all of us.
-- Jesse Arnold

I wanted to write to commend your series about the struggles of those who live below the poverty level. Your words touch us all and your statistics are heartbreaking. … Every American deserves a chance for a roof and a toilet and some food. I know we can all work together to make it better for all, to simplify the system, to not make them invisible, to appreciate what potential they might have that could help our world as well.
-- Judie Najarian

Our thanks to you – and the others who contacted us – to let us know how much you appreciate our efforts to deepen readers’ understanding of our community. As Janice Fong Wolf, director of grants and programs for the SLO County Community Foundation, wrote us, “we all need to be aware of what is often an ‘invisible’ population.’’
_ Sandra Duerr

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Anon E. Muss said...

Your final story in the series was about a family that is crying about being unable to afford to live, but spends mind-boggling amounts on unnecessary extras ($130 a month for satellite TV and internet, $150 for cell phones), as well as using government assistance, as well as driving a vehicle that gets 11 miles to the gallon for work (it must average that if it costs $300 a month to commute from Grover Beach to the CMC five times a week)... in other words, they expect a lack of planning on their part to constitute an emergency on our part.

I noticed you didn't run anything here (and I couldn't find any letters to the editor) pointing that out, although you did run letters tooting your horn. IS it because you didn't get any negative letters on that article, or is it an effort to make yourselves look better?