Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reader upset over sexy photo we published

Q: That photo you ran of Toni Braxton on Page A2 Wednesday was extremely repulsive and lascivious. It is one of the worst photos I have ever seen in a family newspaper. I'm not a prude -- I am a healthy male. But that was beyond the pale.
-- Lee Agon, Paso Robles

To be sure, the image we published in our Espresso column on Wednesday of Braxton is eye-catching. The singer is shown in a performance at the NBA All-Star game in January. Here is a link:
The photo was chosen because that is what AP provided along with a story about a health problem forcing her to cancel a concert.
To be sure, we are in charge of everything we put into The Tribune. But we use our wire services, such as Associated Press, for coverage of people and events beyond our borders. This is especially true for celebrity news.
We try to be sensitive to the images we use. Celebrities today, however, are often dressed in provocative costumes, and that is what we are limited to choosing from.
_ Tad Weber


Anonymous said...

Ahhh America. Where people don't object to tv shows, films, and news reports, featuring death and violence -- but they get angry enough to write about a woman in a short dress.

I had to click to see what was so offensive about the photo, and it gave me a shudder to see that woman's legs would be considered "repulsive."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Lee is just jealous he's not able to achieve such fabulous gams as those? And has he not been to the beach lately? Even my modest suit covers less than that.

Anonymous said...

A hint for Lee: Anyone who has to say "I'm not a prude" is automatically considered one.

Sheila Baker said...

I am a 58 year old woman who thinks
she looks ok. Her attire is appropriate for the entertainment