Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Caller criticizes our coverage of Iraq war

Our City Desk editors took a call yesterday from a reader in Cambria who was critical of our coverage of the war in Iraq. Specifically, she said we had a pro-war bias, and she pointed to a story we published Tuesday in the Local section as an example. The story profiled the wife of a National Guard commander who was recently deployed to Kuwait. The wife shared how she are her two young daughters are dealing with her husband's yearlong deployment.
The caller said the story reflected favorable coverage we have given to the war effort, and she said we have not done enough to publicize critical views.
Here is my response to our caller: Throughout the course of the war, we have used our wire services (McClatchy Tribune, AP, New York Times among them) to report events in Iraq and Washington, D.C., with both sides of the politics being well covered. Locally, we have reported on efforts by county residents to help the troops, as well as anti-war vigils and marches. In short, we have carefully sought to ensure balance in our coverage since the war. And I think we have done a good job. I am interested in others' thoughts on this.
_ Tad Weber

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Bob said...

I believe the Tribune has fairly reported the local events, stories, and opinions related to the war.

My brother before he retired in July of 2005 with 20 years in USMC, served 3 tours in Iraq, including the invasion. I watched as my Mom spent every free moment watching the news and having emotional breakdowns with every report of a Marine being killed or wounded. The anxiety of everyone in our family was at a very unhealthy level. After my Brother returned home safe, we all felt a huge sense of relief. Then you start thinking of the other families going through what ours did.

It's not easy, and our Service Men & Women and their families deserve the coverage and should never be forgotten or taken for granted. Regardless of your political views. Huge sacrifices are being made in Iraq and the home front. Never forget that.