Monday, July 2, 2007

Why we're writing about the family who had quadruplets

Q. How did you hear about the family expecting quadruplets, and why did you decide to write about it?

A. We learned of the family through a work friend of Carmen Leyva. We wanted to write about their experience, partly because multiple births are becoming increasingly common as more couples turn to fertility treatments to conceive. In the words of reporter Annmarie Cornejo,
“The high risk nature of such pregnancies adds a unique element to the process. Families walk a fine line between joy and the fear of all the ‘what ifs.’ How does a family prepare to double in size in less than one year? Emotionally cope to the adjustment? Financially cope? It is difficult enough in the county to find child care for one child – but finding it for three is another story.”
In addition, because multiple births are typically premature, telling this family’s story gives us a chance to chronicle the experiences of families with premature babies. Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center has the only neonatal intensive care unit from Salinas to Santa Barbara.
Looking ahead, it is our hope to share Carmen and Isaac Leyva’s journey through their triumphs and tribulations, Cornejo said. “We’ll try to celebrate ‘firsts’ with them,’’ she said, “such as the first day home from the hospital, their first birthdays, their first steps and words – and maybe, their first day of school.

-- Sandy Duerr

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Anonymous said...

Dear Editors: No one is arguing about the article, however, the placement is questionable. Perhaps wonderful in the local section or some other section but unless I am mistaken A section is for world news. With so much happening in the world I expected more on my front page. Not only that, it was a very weak article.
There were not good comments or references to "the high risk of such pregnancies". There were no statistics from the AMA, the ANA, or any research sites comments.
Further, it was more about the family, the soft blankets, the.....well you get my critique.
Sadly, after nearly 10 years of taking the Tribune I am seeing a real watering down of qualitative articles on the front page. We need our newspapers more than ever for up to date, serious news.
The final suggestion that "for those keenly interested in tracking national.............visit our Washington bureau's new Web site" was a little weak.
Please notice I did not say the article should not have been written, never the less, in my opinion it should not have been in the World News Section.

Shirley Montague-Devine
372 Mar Vista Dr.
Los Osos, CA 93402