Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Crime, Zac Efron and prep sports ... get the latest on www.sanluisobispo.com

The show of sound and light that kept so many of us awake early Thursday crackled on our Web site a few hours later – with photos from our own photographers as well as those submitted by readers countywide and a story on why the freak summer storm occurred.
By noon, our photo gallery boasted about 30 images as well as a video. By evening, we had two videos.
This is a great example of how online is allowing us to interact with you in ways never available before – and, at the same time, give you access to more information, quickly.
Our reporters routinely write stories first for http://www.sanluisobispo.com/, and offer deeper stories with more context for the next day’s Tribune. In the case of the summer storm, Tribune readers received a full report in Friday’s edition, including four dramatic photos.
Beyond reacting immediately to county news events, our online staff led by Online Editor Sally Buffalo has launched or improved several other parts of our Web site recently so that we’re more useful to readers. Here’s a closer look:
Crime map: You can now view all incidents reported to the San Luis Obispo Police Department each day on a map – in a certain neighborhood or on a certain street, for example -- and search based on type of crime and date. We are working to obtain similar information from the county’s other police departments. Check it out at www.SanLuisObispo.com/crime/ We will continue to cover the major crimes in our daily police blotter in The Tribune, but this gives you access to all incidents reported to SLO police daily.
Prep sports: You can get schedules, rosters and statistics of your favorite local prep football teams. We eventually plan to expand this to other sports. Our link: www.sanluisobispo.com/prepsports
Zac Efron: Want to keep track of our national teen idol from Arroyo Grande? Check out our special coverage and link to blogs and noteworthy articles about him. We’ve also included Efron photos e-mailed to us by readers. Our link: www.sanluisobispo.com/zac/
Explore SLO County: If you’re hosting visitors, trying to pick out a restaurant or find out where to hike, head to this section of our site. In addition to the 200 local restaurant reviews, complete winery listings, wine itineraries, hotel listings and outdoor activities, you can now find a wealth of information to advise out-of-town guests how to get here and get around (airports, trains, renting cars and parking). We’ve also added a guide for those interested in getting married here, along with new videos and slideshows, including one on tasting wine. Our link: www.sanluisobispo.com/living/explore/
Latest movie, TV show information: We wrap up all the new movies, TV shows, DVDs, music and more and update it every Friday. You can also find movie trailers for new releases on our entertainment page, www.SanLuisObispo.com/entertainment/ And for entertainment junkies, we offer audio clips each week related to the world of entertainment.

-- Sandy Duerr


Anonymous said...

Good move! because soon newspapers will be nothing more than a website.
Best to start now, because everything you now print is a day or 2 old, and we want news faster than that.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Instead of writing a lengthy overview of new editions, shouldn't these items be obvious on the home page? They're very hard to find with all the junk cluttering up what your viewers see.

Anonymous said...

Too many Flash animations. I load one of your pages, and my PC slows bto a crawl.

Anonymous said...

in the recent post on kvec's congaton's blog he takes the trib to task on an article written about Gail McPherson.

The only problem is that dave has lost his objectivity...any woman can pull the wool over dave's eyes...even female members of hezbullah living in SLO

The new station owners won't be happy at all. Time will tell.

Keep up the good work on this blog. His is dead!