Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Love politics? Check out our new Election '08 link

If you are a political junkie, make sure to see the Election '08 link on our home page. You will find it in the right column, or rail, of Web online extras. This link will take you to our election page where we group local coverage with state and national campaign news. Currently, we have mostly national news, as that is where most of the action is occurring. But there are a half dozen stories filed by Tribune staff writers, including news on recent fundraisers and the political impact expected from the controversial viewshed decision made by the county Board of Supervisors. And once local campaigns get more in gear next year, we will load up the coverage.
One other feature I want to point out: The Hot Off the Trail blog. It is written by veteran reporters based in the Washington, D.C. bureau of McClatchy Co., our corporate owner. In 2004 I had the chance to work for a month as deputy political editor in the bureau as the fall presidential campaign moved to the final dash to Election Day. So I got to know several of the reporters, including Steven Thomma, who has wide experience and deep knowledge of presidential politics. You can read his posts in the Hot Off the Trail blog.
_ Tad Weber

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Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that you are down 3 reporters and due to bugetary restraints they will not be replaced...
What say you?

The lack of reporting coverage will show up in the pages of the paper no matter how much you switch them around.

Fess up. What's the real deal?