Thursday, April 12, 2007

Learn about improvements to our Web site

Today I share with you a note to Tribune readers about improvements and upgrades to our Web site. This comes from Online Editor Sally Buffalo:

We encourage you to visit our Web site today and experience some new features that make easier to use.
For example, clicking on a photo attached to a story will bring up a larger version of the image, along with any additional pictures. In coming weeks, photo galleries will be better organized to show the work of our photographers.
In addition to the ability to print or e-mail a story with one click, users of AOL Instant Messenger and the social news sites Digg and can now send our stories directly with the buttons at the top of the page.
For now, will look the same, but soon our site will undergo a redesign to enhance the site’s organization, making it even easier to use.
While we have been working through the usual glitches associated with the underlying technology, we likely will discover more. Please bear with us as we address any problems during this transition.
If you encounter a broken bookmark, please go to and make a new one for the page you desire.
If you are unfamiliar with our Web site, please see what we offer online. In addition to our daily stories, the site features blogs, a host of useful information on local restaurants, wineries and hotels, as well as movie times and online extras, including slideshows with audio, videos and documents that accompany our stories.
I’d welcome hearing from you about our site or any problems you encounter with it. Contact me at or 781-7919.
_ Sally Buffalo, Online Editor

You can always share ideas for improvements here, as well. Simply post your thoughts!
_ Tad Weber

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