Monday, April 2, 2007

National Poetry Month: The Tribune showcases local poets

April is National Poetry Month, and as she has done for several years now, Features Editor Rochelle Reed is turning over a good part of the Central Coast Living section on Sundays to poetry written by SLO County residents.
Helping choose the poems to highlight this year is Rosemary Wilvert, the 2007 county poet laureate.
The first installment published yesterday, and I found many of the poems to be compelling and thoughtful. Josephine Redlin of Arroyo Grande wrote about her grandson playing Army with his toys, despite his growing up in an anti-war family. Wilmar Tognazzini of Morro Bay told of how he was affected by a loved one's decline due to Alzheimer's disease. Ronald Orszag of Paso Robles wrote about watching a disabled person struggle with his physical limits, and how Ronald was thankful for the "troubles He (God) had chosen for me." Powerful words, all.
You can let Rochelle know your reactions to this special series by e-mailing her at Or simply post a comment here.
_ Tad Weber

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