Friday, April 6, 2007

Missed the daily TV grid? Here's why

Q. Have you discontinued the TV listing from the weekly Tribune? The last two papers (Wednesday and Tuesday) delivered to our home this week do not have a TV listing.
-- Jim Messersmith

Q. We noticed the TV listing was missing on Wednesday and Thursday. We wonder why? Please explain.
-- Readers since 1997

A. We are “testing” the daily TV grid to determine whether we will drop it entirely Monday through Saturday. Our market research strongly indicated that very few people use this daily page. Our complaint count so far bears this out. On Wednesday, we received about 10 calls and on Thursday, about 20. We plan to continue the test a few more days, then make a decision. The grids themselves are reproduced from our Sunday TV Book. If you use the daily TV page, I’d appreciate a brief note clarifying what channels you rely upon. If we restore any part of the listings, we almost certainly will cut out some of the low-rated cable networks. Thanks for your understanding.
-- Sandy Duerr


Anonymous said...

Concerning the missing daily TV listings in the Tribune, would it be possible to have them ( just the evening schedule like the paper had before) on the Tribune website in a printable format? It would be a great help in a household with mulitple TV's and very disparate viewing habits of the residents. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also miss the dailyh TV grid. With it the way it is, we would have to buy one more Sunday paper a week to have a program at each TV. Or - is that the idea?
Personally, I liked having the daily schedule in the daily paper. Bring it back - please.