Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our defense for using photo of student wounded in Va. Tech shooting

I would really like to know the thinking behind putting that picture on the front page of today's paper! We wonder why we have a violent society and disgruntled students?
_ Jeanne Eggert, San Luis Obispo

For those who have not seen Tuesday’s front page, we used a picture of a wounded student being carried away from the Virginia Tech campus – which showed some blood on his legs. It was part of our coverage of this horrific tragedy. I do not believe the image was too graphic for our readers, especially considering the fact that 33 people, mostly students, were killed in the Monday morning massacre. This photo – and similar photos – helped tell the tragic story. I also think that it’s too far a reach to suggest that by publishing such a photo we’re encouraging a violent society.
I'd love to hear from more of you on this topic.
_ Sandy Duerr


Anonymous said...

Its just a liberal rag trying to sell papers and push their left wing crap down the publics throat.

Anonymous said...

Your photo was appropriate, as it was part of this terrible story. Possibly by showing these stories about mentally ill persons who are not getting treatment, our government will put more emphasis and money back in the need for medicical services, mental health services and other important issues, rather then NRA rights.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that selling a couple of hundred extra papers on one of 362 days is going to do that much? There's nio liberal agenda in printing the facts. It's the conservatives (i.e., the Bush administration) who want to control the agenda by hiding facts.

Words alone cannot express the gravity of a tragedy like this. But a photo, as they say, can say a thousand words. of course, conservatives hate news like this because they know it's gonna spark another debate about gun control so they would just assume the media downplay it.