Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Upset by a local news development? Tell us what you think!

In case you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve added the ability to post a comment on all of our local stories online – not just the ones we reference in the morning Tribune. So weigh in on the issues! It’s one more way that we can better understand your points of view on the issues we’re covering.
On another note, we’ve also just added a new element on our home page. It’s at the top of sanluisobispo.com – and directs online readers to a great deal of local tourism content we have had on the site for several months. Both the photo and the content will change and improve over time, says online editor Sally Buffalo. But we think we have a lot to offer now. Are we missing something you’d like to know? Again, let us know.
Thanks, Sandy Duerr


Anonymous said...

US President Tim Kalemkarian, US Senate Tim Kalemkarian, US House Tim Kalemkarian: best major candidate.

Thomas Hutchings said...

The Tribune had an important story for seniors. It was about internet email scams. The reporter should have included tips for everyone about reporting the fraud directly. When I receive these scams/phishing/fraudulent emails, I use my mouse to scroll over, without clicking, to see the address where the link goes to. It shows an address that goes to a non-financial related site. With paypal or ebay scams, I simply forward the dubious email to spoof@ebay.com or spoof@paypal.com. They work to immediately shut the website down. I also get emails allegedly from my bank. Simply scrolling over the link shows a different address. I send those emails to fraud@(my banks name here). I then delete all the emails without clicking on links. It would be responsible reporting for the Tribune to post legitimate email addresses to report/forward fraudulent emails.
As a suggestion, a followup article on a few simple tips to spot a phony email and email addresses of security at several major financial instititions, such as BofA, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, eBay, PayPal, etc. It could be something that seniors could post next to their computers for immediate reference.

Anonymous said...

Keep Better tabs on our county offices..especially DSS. What a mess it is, the public has a right to know what is happening there. Afterall, it OUR $ they misappropriate! Serious mis behaviours happen there, and not a word to the public?