Monday, April 30, 2007

Readers, bloggers support and criticize our Farm Bureau story

A good debate is ensuing on today, and can also be read in today's Tribune, over an article we published on April 22. It was about the county Farm Bureau and how some detractors think it has become too aligned with those who want to develop rural lands. Others quoted in the story, including Farm Bureau President Paul Clark, a rancher from Shandon, defend the bureau for doing a good job to represent the diverse mix of farming in our county.
Clark has an Op-Ed piece in today's paper, and it can be accessed under the Opinion-Letters link on our home page, too. There you can also post a comment. As of this morning, two viewers had commented in favor of Clark's point of view and against our article; another post was more critical of the bureau.
There are six letters to the editor in today's paper on the same topic as well, and they include some thanking us for raising the topic, and some defending the Farm Bureau and saying we had disparaged that group.
We'd be interested in hearing from you. You can post a comment to this blog or on the letter link.
_ Tad Weber

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