Friday, March 30, 2007

Health care in SLO County: Problems abound

Make sure to read your Tribune or this coming weekend. Health beat writer Sarah Arnquist has more in-depth coverage of the ongoing health-care crisis facing us.
In one story, she has found that every psychiatrist in the county has stopped taking Medicare, largely because the federal insurance for seniors does such a poor job of reimbursing doctors. Second, and perhaps to no great surprise to some readers of this blog, Sarah finds how the county's middle-class is steadily losing its ability to have health insurance.
Clearly, health care is one of the biggest issues for us to cover right now, given the problems we face as a community, and the fact our population is getting older. If you have a story idea or tip you want to pass on to Sarah, you can do so by e-mailing her at
I always welcome your comments as well.
_ Tad Weber

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