Friday, March 23, 2007

Edwards' commentary: timing was unfortunate

I was asked this morning how we could have published Kathleen Parker’s syndicated column criticizing presidential candidate John Edwards for primping his hair, given news reports that his wife’s cancer has spread and can’t be cured. Parker pegs her comments to a video posted on YouTube and circulating on the Internet, saying that it is disastrous for his political career.
I too thought the column’s timing was unfortunate. We published it today because we typically run Parker’s column on Fridays, and the editorial page editors didn’t know about the latest news of Edwards’ wife Elizabeth. Our editorial pages are laid out a few hours before our news pages.
-- Sandy Duerr

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Al said...

I don't see the problem. The two issues are mutually exclusive. Parker's column discussed John Edward's fascination with his looks; the news stories concerned Elizabeth Edward's cancer recurrence. Neither will change the other.

My best friend lost his wife at age 37 to breast cancer that became bone cancer. They had two young boys who have gone on to be two of the nicest young men you could hope to meet. One is a Marine like his father, and the other works in a hospital like his mother did.

Life goes on; don't blink; you may miss it.