Friday, March 16, 2007

Facts about the Iraqi war: We do publish them

One blog reader asked yesterday why we don't publish the facts about the Iraqi war, such as its toll in lives and dollars. Actually, we do. For more than three years we have published daily a war tally, prominently featured inside our A section. It currently appears on our World news page. It includes the total U.S. military deaths and the total number of other coalition deaths, as well as the total number of American soldiers wounded. We also give a range of the Iraqi civilian deaths in the four-year-old war. We took this approach years ago to keep readers abreast daily of this news. It often appears with the latest story on the Iraq war.
-- Sandy Duerr

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Anonymous said...

ok and what about facts on how good the war has done?.....where are the facts and stories of people living better lives?