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In Meth's Grip: How it's ruining our lives
Beginning Sunday, we’re launching a four-part series that investigates methamphetamine’s deep impact locally. Three reporters and a photographer spent six months researching and reporting the issue.Their findings are alarming.An epidemic of meth use in San Luis Obispo County is destroying families and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. It attacks across class lines, is powerfully addictive and cheaper than crack cocaine or heroin.For just $70 – enough to buy one-sixteenth of an ounce – a person can get high for up to three days. That’s enough to get some people hooked for life.I encourage you to read this powerful series that clearly describes the extent of the problem and the impact it’s having on our children, our families and our society.As Sheriff Pat Hedges told us, “it not only affects the user, but it affects part of our health system, and it affects our environment, and it affects the innocent people in proximity of those who use this particular drug.’’Don't miss "In Meth's Grip'' -- Sunday through Wednesday in The Tribune.-- Sandy Duerr
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why The Ten Commandments flyer appeared in The Tribune
Yesterday we received about three dozen calls from readers who objected to a paid advertisement that appeared as a flyer in Tuesday’s Tribune. The flyer in question – a reprint of the Ten Commandments – was paid for by a person who describes himself as “a concerned Christian.” I've enclosed two of the complaints, below, then our response:Q. Apparently some "concerned Christian" out there is too lazy to knock on peoples’ doors and bother them. Instead, they decide to submit a copy of the Ten Commandments in the newspaper! Commandment number 11: Thou shall not include religious rhetoric in my newspaper. If you want to get your word out, do it the old-fashioned way and come to my door. Then I can politely say "no thank you".-- Jon Wells, Paso RoblesQ. This morning I opened the paper to find an insert entitled "The Ten Commandments" "Paid Advertisement by a concerned Christian.” While this is probably legal, it is entirely inappropriate and offensive. I subscribe to The Tribune for local news only. As of today we will cancel and get our information online.-- Ellen BalcombOur policy at The Tribune is to accept advertising so long as it is not libelous and is otherwise accurate and in good taste, according to Publisher Chip Visci.Understandably, The Tribune is a staunch believer in the First Amendment. “We believe its guarantee of free speech means the newspaper necessarily must be a forum for different viewpoints, including viewpoints that compete with each other and viewpoints that might upset some people,” Visci said. “I firmly believe The Tribune has a duty to provide a wide range of commentary, whether in the form of news stories, editorials, letters to the editors, and yes, even as paid advertising.”We hate to lose even a single reader for any reason. But one certainty is that canceling subscriptions reduces the money we have to provide deep, broad coverage of local events and issues. This Sunday, for instance, we are launching “In Meth’s Grip,’’ a four-part series that shows how one drug is ruining lives across SLO County. It’s the result of a six-month investigation by our news staff.-- Sandy Duerr
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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
The Ten Commandments and your paper
Like other readers of today's Tribune, I opened the paper and found a flyer, in a calligraphy script, that contained the Bible's Ten Commandments. At the bottom was a small-print line that said, "Paid Advertisement by a concerned Christian."The ad caused some readers to react. Here are two e-mails I received:"This morning I opened the paper to find an insert entitled "The Ten Commandments" "Paid Advertisement by a concerned Christian". While this is probably legal it is entirely inappropriate and offensive. ..."_ EB"I was displeased to find the ten commandments fall out of my newspaper this morning as an advertisement. I think it is great that your paper has a religion section, but monies to advertize the ten commandments. That is going too far."_ RLReligion and politics always engender strong reactions. We get responses during an election season whenever a particular candidate might put a special ad into the paper. Those opposing the candidate or platform will fire back, upset that the views had been expressed.Mar 3 - 11
What did you think about today's ad? Post a comment to let me and the viewers of the blog know._ Tad Weber
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Monday, March 05, 2007
Can you add Rex Morgan to Sunday comics?
Tribune subscriber John Hutchison e-mailed this query to me last week:"I enjoy reading your paper daily. One of my most favoret parts is the comics. Rex Morgan is a serial that runs seven days a week. Can you add it to your Sunday Paper? ... Thank you very much for your time."I appreciate your query, Mr. Hutchison. As to adding "Rex Morgan" to the Sunday comics, we do not feel we can do that. Here's why:To most effectively purchase the Sunday comics, newspapers group together and buy them from a publishing house. We do not actually print the Sunday comics here at The Tribune. Because we have about six other partners involved with our Sunday package, we would have to convince the editors at those papers that adding "Rex Morgan" would be worthwhile. And, frankly, we don't think we could do that. "Rex Morgan" is one of the older strips, and we rarely get a call for it. Should we make any comic purchases this year, it will be for newer strips. There are quite a few new options being offered by syndicates, and we believe that is the direction we need to take.If any other readers have comics they like, especially ones you don't find in our paper now, please let me know._ Tad Weber
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