Monday, March 19, 2007

New fish study hailed by SLO County fishermen

My wife was startled by that big fish eyeball staring at her from our front page on Sunday, but the photo grabbed her attention to an important story. Our environmental reporter, David Sneed, wrote about new study done by marine biologists, including several at Cal Poly. They compared the populations of rockfish species off our coast now to what they were some 20 years ago. In a bit of surprise, they found that the populations were pretty stable. Commercial fishermen lauded the study as proof that their enterprise is not depleting the fish stocks, as critics have claimed.
Environmental news is one of the most important subjects we cover, and I am thankful we have David on our staff. He brings our readers scoops on key environmental news all the time, whether it is fisheries, Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant or habitat preservation.
_ Tad Weber

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