Thursday, March 15, 2007

In Meth's Grip: Our readers speak out

Originally posted March 12
We are into our second day of our series, "In Meth's Grip," and readers are sharing their thoughts. Here are a few we received this morning:Great articles all, on meth. THIS is good reporting._ Jim Perry, AtascaderoThank God you are getting the message out. I pray that those who haven't used, won't. . . and that those who have will seek help._ A Recovering AddictI've watched this stuff change the personalities of the kids of friends. Its effect is more profound than you can imagine, if you haven't seen it personally. It changes personalities. This stuff is good for mortuaries._ A Trib readerIn case you've not yet read the first two days, you can go to the special section on our home page to catch up. All the stories can be accessed through the link, as well as special features, such as photo slideshows by senior photographer David Middlecamp.Editor Sandy Duerr and I would value more feedback and comments, so reply to this blog or send us an e-mail: or Tad Weber
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