Thursday, March 15, 2007

Feb 18-25 (5)

Iraq war vets: Right or wrong?
If you have opinions about the Iraq war, you will want to read the story on our home page at, "Iraq conflict veterans speak at Paso High against the war." Two former military men who served in Iraq visited the high school yesterday to speak against our nation's involvement there. They were invited by a student group, and their local stop is being coordinated by the Paso Robles Democratic Club.We created a link for readers to post their comments, and it is a lively discussion this morning.Among the comments:"I believe we have two weak soldiers! I wouldn't want them by my side in combat!"_ Former Vietnam vet"It is not a pleasant thought albeit a truthful one, sometimes we must walk through war to get to peace ... If you can't support our country keep your mouths shut."_ Rachel TamagniDo you have a view? Please share it!_ Tad Weber
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

We heard you: More stocks are in The Tribune!
If you track your investments through The Tribune, you’ve undoubtedly noticed changes in our stocks report. Two months ago, we trimmed daily stock listings to 38 stocks of local interest and launched a new package from the Associated Press that offered financial data, news and analysis. We took this approach because in past surveys many readers told us that they no longer rely on our stocks page; instead they track their personal investments online. As Business Editor Julie Lynem reports, however, many readers still do rely on us to track their own stocks.So on Wednesday we changed course again, restoring daily listings in one consolidated report, up to 500 stocks. We also are offering a quick recap of the stock market, currencies and commodities. Our mutual funds listing on Saturday will not change.By the end of the day Wednesday, we had received e-mails and phone calls from 33 people – all delighted with the new report. “They feel that we listened to their complaints, and they are excited about requesting their favorite stocks. Comments have been very brief, nothing like the long-winded angry responses that we received before,’’ Lynem says.I share this with you now to let you know that our conversations with you are indeed important to us. Our goal is to be your local, useful, relevant information source – both in print and online.-- Sandy Duerr
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coming Friday: Big local coverage of Tour of California
Get ready for the Tour! Tribune reporters and photographers will be out in force tomorrow, rain or shine, to cover the second annual Tour of California, the major pro cycling race working its way down the coast. I know many of you are bike riders or triathletes, so make sure to see our Friday edition for extensive coverage of the race. We will also have several updates posted on as the racers enter the county north of Cambria and continue to downtown SLO.We have a neat feature in the paper today on the GO page, which is the back of Sports. A dozen locals last week rode the same course that the pros will be taking just to see what it was like. They survived, some 130 miles later, with no crashes and only three flat tires. You can read about it in today's Tribune.As always, let me know what you think about our coverage._ Tad Weber
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2-Minute Tribune: Thumbs up, thumbs down?
If you read The Tribune, you probably noticed the 2-Minute Tribune, which is designed to give you a quick summary of top local features in the paper today – in our Local, Business and Sports sections -- as well as top news around the nation. The 2-Minute Tribune also highlights work that we’ve prepared exclusively for online readers.Does this approach work for you? Would you call it a different name?Tell me what you think!-- Sandy Duerr
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohoan, downtown shooting, Take 2
Joan O’Keefe reports that she was disappointed with Sunday’s Opinion and Voices page. “It took me less then 45 seconds - a new record - to decide there was nothing newsworthy or informative on either page.” For anyone who missed Sunday’s editorial, we recommended that a cross-section of the business community be included in the planning process before any promises are given to movie production companies to shoot films here. And we urged those involved to let both businesses and residents know what they’re likely to encounter from the production – whether it’s a couple of streets closed or traffic re-routed. We wrote this editorial because some downtown merchants say they lost business when the Lindsay Lohan film was shot on Valentine’s Day last week, and we clearly think that could have been avoided.Anyone else have any thoughts about this?Please let me know!-- Sandy Duerr
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